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Furniture Refinishing and Repair in Portland, Oregon

We use the best products available for refinishing

Extend the life of your furnishings with high-quality furniture products utilized by our company in Portland, Oregon. Christensen’s Furniture Refinishing & Repair uses the best products available for refinishing, including Enviromax® High-Quality Performance Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer and for an extra durable Enviromax® conversion varnish for restaurant table tops and bar tops.

All you’ll need to clean and dust this finish is a damp cloth (no polish), making it very easy to maintain and care for. Furthermore, this excellent product resists water spots, rings, and the like. When something spills on it, just wipe it up.

For those who desire green products or for onsite work we use Enviromax®. Enviromax® is a formaldehyde-free product and excellent for onsite work. This is more expensive than other furniture products, but we’re willing to pay the extra amount for our valued customers.

We use EnviroVar™ high-solids conversion varnish is used for those who desire the toughest finish available. This is recommended for restaurant tables and bar tops.

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